We stand together. We fight together.

We acknowledge the pain many has faced and to grow from it takes an immense amount of strength. There is no weakness in understanding we are victims to a heinous criminal offence. Turning our backs to our abusers, speaking up, signing petitions, demanding change and educating others shows nothing but the incredible power you posses to take back control of your life.


At any given moment you have the power to say this is now how the story is going to end.


Domestic Violence Charities

If you wish to receive professional support or advice, please visit one of the following below.



For women and children. Against domestic violence.

Women's Aid

until women and children are safe.



Helping men escape domestic violence.


Contact Victims Too

Mailing service is currently not regularly monitored due to foreseen commitments. Please feel free to use this service to reach out and you will get a response in due time.
You are not alone 

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